5 Days Masai Mara Luxury Safaris (Governor’s Camp)

Day 1: Mombasa to Masai Mara Governor’s Camp

On day one, you will airlift from Mombasa heading to Masai Mara. Upon arrival, a driver will take you to check-in at the luxurious Governors Private Camp.
The camp’s lucrative positioning gives you access to various water spots. Therefore, you get to see different animals coming here to drink. Plus, the hippos and their young enjoying the water.
The luxurious stay at the camp gives you the benefit of privacy and personal attention.
You will freshen up; then, a ranger will take you on the night game drive after dinner. You will see nocturnal creatures, such as porcupines, civet cats, mongooses, and aardvarks.

Day 2: Full day game drive

On day two, you will have a light breakfast before heading for a sunrise game drive. Expect to see magnificent creatures heading to watering holes and starting their day.

Big cats such as lions and leopards will prepare for the morning hunt. Zebras, gazelles, and impalas will be grazing. Elephants, buffaloes, and wildebeests will be at watering holes. 

After full bush breakfast, your driver will take you will proceed  with your mid morning game drive. You will enjoy picnicking on the scenic spots at lunchtime.then proceed with your afternoon gamedrive.

On this trail, you will see majestic animals such as giraffes up close. 

Day 3: Cultural Visit, Bird Watching.

Day three is a chance to indulge in culture, bird watching, and different perspectives.
You will go bird-watching after breakfast. The Mara is the only place you can see well over 300 bird species in 24 hours.
Keep your eyes open for the African eagle fish, turaco, various species of storks, bustards, and even ostriches.
After breakfast, you will make a cultural visit to the nearby Masai tribes. You get to experience their colorful lifestyle. Be sure to purchase a souvenir.
Afterwards drive back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Hot Air Balloon Trip and Visit to the Mara River

On day 4, you start with a morning game drive to the hot air balloon spot. You will board a hot air balloon and drift calmly in the sky.
This magical experience gives you the chance to view the reserve from a breathtaking perspective.
After breakfast, your driver will take you to visit the Mara River. It is a scenic spot famous for the Great Migration, which you get to see between late July and October.
But even without the activity, it is a charming place to take pictures and enjoy the sounds of flowing water. Be on the lookout for hippos and crocodiles.

Day 5: Masai Mara to Mombasa

And finally, on the last day, you will have light coffee or tea before heading to a sunrise game drive. You get to experience the lovely savanna washed in the orange of the sun.
Various animals heading to watering holes, morning stalking, and hunting, plus melodious tunes of birds flying overhead, is what you will see. Afterward, you go back to the luxury camp, have breakfast, and check out.
Your driver will take you to the airstrip for airlifting back to Mombasa. Drifting in the lovely calm sky is the perfect way to end your safari.